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With over 75% of signed collectibles in the marketplace being counterfeits, knowing if your item is real can be frustrating. Getting an autograph authenticated can be a difficult process, especially if you’re not sure what it entails and who the industry experts are. If you have a signed sports card, baseball, photograph or other piece of memorabilia, getting that signature validated can be well worth it.


If you believe you are a victim of a forgery, we can help. We will guide you through the challenging process of proving a signature (contract, letter, check, will, or autograph) is a forgery or not. 


Even if your inquiry doesn’t involve an attorney, knowing the truth about a handwritten note or signature can put your mind at ease. In an industry where over 75% of items sold on the internet or sports card shows have been identified as forgeries, doesn’t it make sense to have them examined.


Some of the well-known autograph authenticators have been involved in authenticating forgeries. We are third-party private investigators working for you.  Remember, if you did not see the person actually sign the item, assume it is a fake until you have proven otherwise.

Signature found to be a forgery, but yet authenticatd as real.

Fake Babe Ruth Autographs

Florida Couple Accused of Peddling Fake Babe Ruth Baseballs

Harrison County Sheriff's Office - 2015

Biloxi police have arrested a Florida couple accused of selling fake baseballs signed by Babe Ruth to more than a dozen businesses across five states.

The Sun Herald reports 36-year-old Shane Simpson faces a charge of false pretense. His alleged accomplice, 25-year-old Autumn Burkett, faces a charge of accessory before the fact of false pretense. The couple was arrested in Biloxi Thursday morning.

D'Iberville police Lt. Marty Griffin said investigators received information indicating Simpson was traveling the Southeast selling or pawning baseballs purported to have been signed by Babe Ruth, along with forged certificates of authenticity. They are each being held at the Harrison County jail on $10,000 bond.

Admiral Nimitz Letter Signed 10 Years after He Died

In 2003, PSA/DNA autograph authenticators certified that a letter actually signed by Nazi General Karl Donitz was a genuine letter signed by Admiral Nimitz. Not only did it not resemble a Nimitz signature, the document was dated 1945, and the signature dated 1976, ten years after Nimitz died. 

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