Whether you're concerned about a possible home invasion, personal security while you are out and about, or while traveling, we offer a full range of discreet, personal and professional services designed to minimize risk while maximizing protection and mobility. We understand that clients require personal protection that does not hinder the client's business or personal lifestyle. We, therefore, work closely with our clients to develop custom protective solutions at multiple levels to provide them with ultimate security measures. Services are available nationwide for one-day or long term assignments. 


Global Investigative Group integrates and deploys the latest physical and technical security measures and countermeasures to protect the client, family, and property. Our investigators are state licensed and insured, and they have extensive training in defensive tactics, counter surveillance methods, defensive driving skills, CPR, first-aid and advanced firearm use.


Our Executive Protection service is available to guarantee you complete safety and security at all times of the day and night. Whether you are travelling by car, private aircraft or luxury yacht, we will provide a team of highly experienced Executive Protection agents who have previous federal, state and local law enforcement experience. We guarantee the upmost in confidentiality. We work with a network of law enforcement and security resources to collect intelligence, provide travel briefings, and assist and coordinate security services for clients traveling domestically and internationally.


For over 30 years our investigators have provided services to corporate entities, celebrities, sports figures, diplomats, movie production crews, political candidates, elected officials, and countless others. Client list includes: Whoopi Goldberg; RobertDeNiro; Sigourney Weaver; Jeff Daniels; Joe Pesci; James Gandolfini; Lorraine Bracco; Edie Falco; Dominic Chianese; Michale Imperioli; Steve Van Zandt; Aida Turturro; Steve Shirippa; Joe Pantaliono; William Forsythe; Vincent Gallo; Joe Piscopo; Malcolm Forbes Sr.; Tommy Lee Jones; Will Smith; Danny Aiello; Governors’ Christie Whitman and Tom Kean; Senator Robert Dole; Senator Frank Lautenberg; Senator; Congressmen Mike Pappas, Dick Zimmer, John Adler, Chris Smith, Frank Pallone, and Rush Holt; Ambassador Juriy Shcherback; radio and TV personalities; high-net worth families; and other prominent elected officials and business leaders.



Our success in protecting thousands of people and billions of dollars in assets is unmatched. Our security specialists, who are credentialed with federal, state, and law enforcement certifications in Homeland Security and Private Physical Security, have been conducting critical infrastructure security assessments and training throughout the country. We utilize proven facility audits to review your safety and security operations, and ability to react and respond to emergencies. These audits result in identification of deficiencies and detailed recommendations to address physical security and safety issues.


Training seminars available to organizations, businesses and individuals on:


  • Personal Safety and Security

  • Self-Defense Training from Highly Trained Experts

  • Real Estate Agent Safety

  • Identity Theft

  • Active Shooter Situations

  • Human Trafficking 


We provide comprehensive physical security and public safety audits and assessments to the following clientele:


  • Hotels

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Gated Residential Communities

  • Shopping Malls

  • School Security

  • Churches

  • Businesses

  • Personal Safety and Security (Home or Office)