Global Investigative Group specializes in plaintiff personal injury investigations to help injury attorneys strengthen their case. A thorough personal injury investigation almost always makes the difference winning or losing your case. Our legal investigators are trained professionals who search out the facts that lead to the truth. They are trained in techniques of fact-finding, accident reconstruction, and forensic procedure to assist the attorney in achieving a desired result for a client. In personal injury cases, the investigator immediately takes steps to maintain evidence, documents the accident scene, locates valuable witnesses, interview all parties involved in the accident, including first responders, and launches a professional investigation into the facts surrounding the accident. We ensure all witnesses who have factual knowledge in regards to the claim are identified and interviewed. Our goal is to impartially find the facts that point toward the truth.


It is important that you have experienced investigators working on your side. Legal investigations require specific knowledge, experience and skill in order to properly prepare a strategy. Our investigators have first-hand experience investigating accidents, interviewing witnesses, working closely with attorneys, and testifying in court. Our investigators have over 100 years of combined criminal and civil investigative experience. They have been involved in some of our country's most high profile cases. 

Whether you're a victim of a slip and fall, or motor vehicle accident, a properly conducted accident investigation will provide important, detailed information about the accident location, and all vehicles and or parties involved in the accident. We will document what witnesses to the accident may recall and identify whether or not the parties in the matter have been involved in an inordinate amount of civil and/or criminal cases.

Our experience shows that police accident reports do not always accurately depict what had occured. We will use the latest technology to prepare diagrams of the accident, based on our investigative findings.

Clients frequently ask, the at fault driver received a traffic citation, so why is the at fault insurer accepting only 50% liability?

Florida is structured as a comparative fault state. What this means is that percentages of liability can be argued and negotiated between insurance companies. When this occurs, insurance adjusters end up acting like investigators, judges and juries, and that can be a recipe for disaster for a policyholder. Let a qualified accident investigator and attorney help you determine liability. Our law enforcement trained accident investigators have conducted accident investigations on behalf of litigation defense firms and insurance companies. 


Our comprehensive accident investigation into slip and falls, motor vehicle/motorcycle/boating accidents, or product liability cases includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Obtaining a copy of the accident report

  • Accurately diagraming the accident scene

  • Obtaining and reviewing the autopsy report

  • Photographs of the accident scene, (still, video, and drone videos)

  • Media coverage

  • Vehicle title history

  • Vehicle/Equipment History (recalls, repairs, etc.)

  • Witness statements

  • Background investigation – plaintiff and/or defendant

  • Photographs of the vehicle

  • Personal Interviews

  • Event Data Recorder (EDR/Black Box) downloads