Police Investigations
Police Misconduct, Use of Force, Arrests.




Global Investigative Group an internationally recognized firm offers services to attorneys, government agencies, media outlets, and the public sector on matters involving police practices, misconduct, negligence, and policies and procedures. We are your resource to experienced law enforcement professionals. As an objective third party, we provide clients with the most extensive field of police operations analysis. 

As police management specialists, our team will conduct an objective evaluation of your police operations to help improve its performance and counter any gaps and deficiencies with measures that are aligned with national law enforcement best practices.

Our law enforcement, security and investigative experts, appear on MSNBC, FOX News, CNN, UPN 9, Court TV, CBS, and ABC news, providing informative commentary and analysis on current law enforcement and security issues making news.

Walter Zalisko, the lead consultant, is a retired chief of police, who brings to his clients over 40 years of law enforcement and investigative experience. Walter consults frequently with attorneys and municipalities on legal matters involving police practices, policies, and procedures. Walter served as an accreditation manager for the Commission of Accreditation Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and as a Commander of the Policy and Planning Bureau for the Jersey City (NJ) Police Department. Walter also served as a lead advisor for US Department of State overseas police training programs, where he taught investigative techniques and police operations in Ukraine and Russia; and continues to consult to police agencies nationwide. Walter is recognized as an authority on police practices and procedures. 

Today, independent review of police operations is important because it brings expertise, impartiality, and a fresh perspective from the outside. Our exposure to best practices from across the country brings a fresh view and a strategic approach.


Our consultants are experts in their field. They include retired police chiefs, senior police officials, and a former county prosecutor. They have extraordinary credentials, experience and specialized training. Since 1995, clients have turned to us because of our professional services and the personal service and commitment we bring to each relationship.

Our service includes any of the following:


  • Evaluation of police operations based on experience, and nationally accepted police standards.

  • Crime scene examination and evaluation.

  • Review of police arrest, incident and investigative reports.

  • Review of police procedures.

  • Police Management Studies.

  • Police Misconduct / Negligence.

  • Police & court document interpretation.

  • Review of investigative procedures, collection and preservation of evidence procedures.

  • Review of interview & interrogation techniques.

  • Review of actions by law enforcement personnel involving:

    • Use of Force

    • Misconduct

    • False Arrest

    • Evidence Collection

    • Use of Force

    • Vehicle Pursuits

  • Review of actions by law enforcement resulting in wrongful imprisonment.

  • Analysis of current law enforcement or security events attracting media attention.

  • We will review internal investigations and provide an objective opinion. Our independent examination will provide greater credibility to the result, ensuring that the investigation is thorough, fair and accurate.