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Tenant Background Checks

Employee or Nanny Background Checks

Background checks and employee screening is vital to protecting a company and their employees. Not only will we provide a comprehensive background report on a candidate, we will also search credit reports on candidates who will have financially sensitive responsibilities.  Employers have a duty of due diligence in hiring, and if their hiring practices cause harm to co-workers or members of the public, an employer can be sued for negligent hiring. 

Do you suspect your nanny of stealing from you or physically abusing your child? Do you suspect you housekeeper, landscaper or someone else stealing from you? Our experience and state-of-the-art covert surveillance equipment will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Tenant Screening

Become part of a national network of individual landlords, realtors and property managers, who rely on our services for tenant screening solutions. We help landlords, property managers, homeowner associations, and real estate agents properly screen their potential tenants. 


These days a criminal background, nationwide eviction, and a comprehensive background check is necessary.  Just because someone can afford the rent doesn’t help guarantee the safety of your community or protect you from damages to your property. Not only is it essential to conduct a background check when an applicant first applies, but it is necessary to have one done every time they renew their leases. They may have had a clean record when they first applied, but their criminal and credit status could have changed during the past year.

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