Do you really know who you are hiring? Whether you're hiring an employee, a nanny, teacher, babysitter or contractor, or you're a single person pursuing love interests online, a criminal records check & background screening is an easy and affordable way to have peace of mind about just who it is you let into your life or business.


We provide fast, accurate, and comprehensive information to make informed decisions. Our experience in law enforcement, corporate security, and investigative services provides a level of credibility and proven history for us to handle any background request.

Our licensed and insured investigators have a high level of expertise in managing the myriad of legal issues to conduct legally compliant background checks. They are experienced in conducting background checks for government agencies (police, fire and civilian), Fortune 500 companies, private employers, and attorneys.

Tenant Background Checks


Do you really know who you are renting to? With our services, you will know exactly who you are renting to. No matter how great you may be at judging a person's character, there is no better alternative to having professionals perform a background check. 

Become part of a national network of individual landlords, realtors and property managers, who rely on our services for tenant screening solutions. We help Landlords, Property Managers, Homeowner Associations, Individual Landlords, and Real Estate Agents properly screen their potential tenants. We are a full service tenant screening firm dedicated to providing fast and accurate information needed for making the best renting or leasing decisions. Secure your investment today with the most trusted and established tenant screening solution in the industry.


Tenant screening is the process of filtering out eligible renters from ineligible renters.  In the past running a credit check was the only form of tenant screening employed by landlords, property managers, and apartment communities.  However, these days a criminal background, nationwide eviction, employment verification and a comprehensive background check is necessary.  Just because someone can afford the rent doesn’t help guarantee the safety of your community or protect you from damages to your property. Not only is it essential to conduct a background check when an applicant first applies, but it is necessary to have one done every time they renew their leases. They may have had a clean record when they first applied, but their criminal and credit status could have changed during the past year.

Tenant Background Screening Services

We are not an on-line screening services that claims to provide “complete” information for $19.99. We are licensed investigators providing you with bona fide, up-to-date background information. Many of the on-line background checking services are unlicensed, and do not comply with FCRA reporting guidelines, thus, creating liability issues. 


Tenant Background  This report includes: SSN Validation, Address Verification, OFAC/Patriot Search, Criminal Record Search, Emails, Current and Past Telephone Numbers, Family Members, National Sex Offender Search, Nationwide Eviction Reports, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments, Property and Vehicles Owned, Mug Shots, Whois Search, and Professional Licenses.

Call for up-to-date pricing. Discounts available for high volume clients.


*** Note: Due to the sensitive nature of our background screening, all employers, property owners and property managers must agree to the terms of use prior to the start of any background screening request.​

Employee Background Checks


An alarming number of resumes and employment applications contain false and misleading information. Background checks and employee screening is vital to protecting your company and your employees. Not only will we provide you with a comprehensive background report on the candidate, we will also search credit reports on candidates who will have financially sensitive responsibilities. Credit reporting is done in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Employers have a duty of due diligence in hiring, and if their hiring practices cause harm to co-workers or members of the public, an employer can be sued for negligent hiring. 

Nanny/Housekeeper Background Checks


Do you suspect your nanny of stealing from you or physically abusing your child? Do you suspect you housekeeper, landscaper or someone else stealing from you?


Our experience and state-of-the-art covert surveillance equipment will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. In addition, we are able to supply you with a thorough background check of your nanny or caregiver. In today's world, one can never be too safe. Parents should take extraordinary measures to protect what's most precious to them - their children.