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Insurance fraud is increasing and costing insurance companies and citizens millions of dollars each year. We provide comprehensive investigations for casualty insurers, attorneys, and self-insured corporations. 


From the average person who tends to stretch his story, to the full-time con-artist who stages accidents, our investigations will uncover fraud. By launching investigations into questionable claims, insurers can save thousands of dollars on a fraudulent claim, and millions every year. Our investigators were responsible for uncovering one of New Jersey’s largest auto insurance accident fraud schemes, which resulted in the indictment and conviction of lawyers, doctors, and body repair shop owners.


We investigate all types of motor vehicle and personal injury accidents for insurance companies and or attorneys. We help adjusters and lawyers gather the information they need to make responsible claims decisions.

Services are available for the following types of claims:


  • Bodily Injury

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Disability

Investigations include:

  • Written and Recorded Statements

  • Accident Scene Investigation with Photos and Diagrams

  • Auto Liability and Bodily Injury Claims

  • Workers’ Compensation Investigations

  • Alive and Well Being Checks with Interviews

  • Property Damage Claims

  • Stolen Vehicle, Boat, Airplane, etc.

  • Locate Witnesses and Conduct Interviews

  • Staged Motor Vehicle Accident Investigations

  • Slip and Fall Investigations

  • Surveillance of Individuals Claiming Injury

  • Activity Checks

  • Background Investigations

  • Document Retrieval/Delivery and Notarization

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