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Global Investigative Group's president and principal investigator, Walter Zalisko, is one of the most respected investigators in the industry. Walter, is a retired Chief of Police, decorated police detective, and County Undersheriff, who has over 48 years of experience. He was responsible for investigating and supervising felony crimes in high crime urban New Jersey/New York City and Florida areas. 
In the private sector, Walter served as a Director of Security for a New York Fortune 500 company where he managed security and investigations.


As a private investigator, Walter now oversees a variety of investigations, which include, criminal defense, personal injury, corporate fraud, and insurance claims. 

Walter's career accomplishments include:

  • Lead Advisor, US Department of State international police training programs where he taught investigative techniques and police operations in Eastern Europe.

  • Media law enforcement and investigative expert - FOX, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, Court TV, and print media.

  • Investigated high-profile cases and recognized by one of the world's foremost forensic scientist, Dr. Henry Lee. 

  • Qualified as an expert in Florida and New Jersey Courts.

  • FBI trained criminal investigator. 

  • Elected Executive Board member for the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI).

  • Florida Board Certified Investigator.

  • Trained Handwriting Analyst.


Global Investigative Group, LLC provides a wide-range of investigative, litigation support, and security consulting services. We are a US privately owned and operated agency of professional investigators, who are state-licensed, insured, board certified, and trained in several highly specialized areas. Since 1998, our clients have relied on our expertise to ascertain the truth.

Our investigators are career professionals carefully selected from the fields of federal, state and local law enforcement, and corporate investigations. We have the capacity to provide services worldwide through our strategic partners and affiliates.

Clients turn to us because of our professional services, affordable rates and commitment we bring to each relationship. We believe that our success is attributed to our ability to build long-term and trustful relationships with our clients and providing them with results that are better than they expected.

Our international experience includes working with American and Eastern European law enforcement agencies and NGO's who investigate human trafficking; and developing initiatives to address the problem of trafficking in women and children. Walter is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on Russian Organized Crime and Trafficking in Women and Children. He has investigated human trafficking and presented testimony to the United States Congress and New Jersey Commission of Investigation. His investigations have been chronicled on national television and print media, and are included in the William J. Clinton Presidential Library.  

Year-after-year, business leaders recognize Global Investigative Group as a top-rated investigative agency.


"You are the best in the business!"

Todd R., Personal Injury Attorney

"We could have never proven insurance fraud if it were not for your surveillance program and detailed reports."

Mark H., Insurance Claims Adjuster

"Your investigative work made all the difference in the world for my client."

Lanitra, S.M., Attorney-at-Law

"I find that Global's team are the most knowledgeable, resourceful and effective PI's nationwide. As an attorney, I work with PI's in various states, Global Investigative Group is my go to PI firm for thorough results."

Claudia V., Attorney-at-Law

"I want to thank you for taking time to meet with us and writing such an accurate and amazing report that helped us win our case. We are extremely grateful."

Alex, D., Claimant

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